Our Story

During the summer of 2005, Pastor Chris Willis was confronted with the fact that many Christian churches were either stagnant or in decline, and that fewer people in the northeast professed to having an exciting faith relationship with Jesus Christ than anywhere else in the United States. This information created a burning desire in Chris' heart to move to the Boston area to start a church that would reach into the lives of those that had given up on church, lost hope in religion, forgotten about faith, and those just looking for answers. This new church would be dynamic and relevant to today's culture - not so steeped in bygone traditions, but firmly founded on the unchanging truth of the Bible.

One by one the doors began to open and God provided in every way to bring Chris and his family to Boston to begin this amazing endeavor. For the last four years Chris has been working and building relationships in the South Shore while completing his education at Boston Baptist College. Through these relationships, Chris has helped a number of South Shore residents find their way to a vibrant, practical, and compelling faith that they never knew existed. Along with these new Christians, several others from the Boston area have caught the Discovery vision and Discovery Church was officially launched in February 2009. We're in the early stages of establishing this church as a valuable part of the community and look forward to your involvement. We are excited about reaching out to our friends, family, and community with the life-changing message of God's hope, grace, and love.

Why We Call it Discovery

The name Discovery Church exposes the very heartbeat of our ministry. it is our mission to live out our faith in practical ways beyond the four walls of the church. We will love our friends, neighbors, and community striving in every way to help them Discover Jesus and the incredible life of hope and purpose that He offers to all that choose to embrace and follow after Him.