DC Groups are a great place to connect with others, be encouraged, grow spiritually and develop meaningful friendships! We believe growth happens in the context of these meaningful relationships. We were never meant to do life alone. The need to share life through the community is just part of how God designed us, but these kinds of relationships aren't always easy to find. That's why DC Groups exist - to make life changing relationships possible and accessible to you!

Winter Session February 3, 2019 - March 30, 2019

Man Up Mondays

Mondays @ 7:00PM, bi-weekly

The men of Discovery Church gather as a group to build friendships and camaraderie through fun fellowship events and activities.

Contact: Ken Daley | | 617-504-0763

Continue the Conversation

Mondays @ 7:00PM, weekly

This group is for those that want to go deeper into the current topic from Sunday. Each week will further discuss and answer questions based on the previous Sunday's message.

This group is ideal for those that can't commit to every week but want to come when they can, or to catch up if you've missed a Sunday service. Also if you're new to DC and just want to get the feel of groups.

Contact: Lesly Blakely |

Hooked on Jesus

Mondays @ 7:00PM, weekly

If you like to crochet, would like to learn how to crochet or just brush up on your skills, this is the group for you! We will be working on projects together, taking time to discuss tangible ways to strengthen and grow our relationship with God, and following a reading plan through the YouVersion Bible app.

* This group will require you to purchase crochet hooks and yarn for the project you choose if you don't already have them. Patterns will be supplied for beginners, as well as help with choosing yarn and hooks at our first meeting.

Contact: Jennifer Hadden | | 857-939-0986

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, Fresh Focus

Tuesday @ 7:00PM, weekly

Let's start the year with a fresh focus. We will be reading through the book "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire" by Jim Cymbala. This book is a powerful read filled with Scripture and real life examples of the power of prayer. In our time together each week, we will discuss what we've read in the book and the applications we can take away for our lives and our church.

Contact: Linda Close | | 617-699-0338

New Kids on the Block

Wednesday @ 7:00PM, weekly

This group is for new guests or attendees of our church who are looking to connect and find out what there is for those "new to the block" @ DC. In a very informal & relaxed atmosphere, we will be here to answer questions, give tours, and guide you to your next steps to grow in your faith and friendships at Discovery.

Janet Daley | | 617-905-7659
Warren Sealy | | 617-678-1127

Bodz 4 God

Wednesdays @ 7:15PM, weekly

We truly believe that by combining faith and fitness, people have power to change their lives. From changes in energy, attitude, and self-perceptions; to changes in outlook and relationships; having God at our sides and treating our bodies the right way is where so much begins. Our bodies are gifts from God, and we ought to care for them! By being fit and healthy, we are also better able to carry out God's plan in our lives, and perhaps to realize even more potential for Him to work through us! Bodz 4 God is a moderate intensity workout group utilizing body weight exercises, dumbbells, and light cardio. Coaching and movement modifications will be provided. In addition, stretching components and nutritional information will be incorporated weekly along with celebration of individual fitness and health victories of group members throughout the week.

* Participation in Bodz 4 God may require a short-term membership to a local gym. Contact the group leader for details.

Contact: Cassi Kapinos | | 207-807-1545

Faith Foundations

Thursdays @ 7:00PM, weekly

Every strong building has a solid foundation. When referring to a person's physical health, there's no way to overstate the importance of a strong body core. With that, FAITH FOUNDATIONS is a class designed to give you very practical, Biblical steps you can take to develop a spiritually strong core and help you build a foundation for your life that keeps you growing in your relationship with God. This class runs 8 weeks.

* Starting Point is a suggested pre-requisite for this class.

Register @

Contact: Pastor Chris |

L.I.F.T. (Ladies in Faith Together)

Friday/Saturday @ varied times, monthly

We are a group of ladies 40 years and older who enjoy fellowship with each other. We meet monthly for food and friendship. We strive to serve each other and the rest of our church family. We have started and maintain a food pantry for our church families in need. We try to help where there is a need to be the heart of Jesus. L.I.F.T. Ladies are involved in many different aspects of Discovery Church and welcome those who are of a like mind to join us.

Contact: Nedra Clark |

Find Your Crew

Saturdays @ 3:00PM, bi-weekly

Are you the mom of a child with special needs? Do you want to connect with moms who are in a similar situation - to be encouraged and share burdens/experiences? Please join us to connect with each other socially and develop part of your support system while growing in your relationship with Jesus. Child care will be available for the child with special needs and siblings on a case-by-case basis.

Contact: Kim Ferreira | | 781-413-6995

Pajama Mamas

Saturdays @ 6:00PM, bi-weekly

This group allows busy moms a couple of hours to relax, make friends, learn from other moms, and grow in motherhood based on Biblical principles. A place to share, find encouragement, and exchange ideas on how to manage a busy home -- cooking, cleaning, etc. -- and still be able to take a little time for yourself.

Contact: Janet Daley | | 617-905-7659

From Bondage to Freedom

Sundays @ 6:00PM, weekly

This group is for anyone who is currently battling or recovering from an addiction, or a friend or loved one of someone who battles addiction, as a means of support. The facilitators of this group have all personally been successful in their recovery or have been exposed first hand to a loved one impacted by a life of addiction. We will share our experiences, stories, successes, and failures. We will pray together, work toward identifying and overcoming obstacles, and learn how we can help and support one another. We will use God's Word as a guide to help us get to a place of victory over the addiction. This will be a safe space of support and fellowship with the goal of moving from bondage -- to freedom.

Contact: Reinhard Rompies | | 857-266-1363